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4 Reasons living on Guam is a remote paradise

As many of you are well aware I’m a startup enthusiast living on Guam. What some of you may not know is that I also work remotely with tech companies. Living on an island and being able to work from home has been an incredible experience. I recently came across an article via Huff Post entitled 11 Reasons Guam is the Most Exotic Destination in America . Definitely, a fantastic read if you’re planning an upcoming wanderlust adventure. Kudos to Chloe Fox for a fantastic write-up. In this post, instead of sharing about the exotic paradise that is my native land, I wanted to share the benefits of being able to work remotely and play consistently while living in Guam.  I hope you enjoy it!

Reason #1 Living in Guam & Working Remote: Efficient Escapism

It’s not secret that working in the startup world often yields a high churn rate. The industry is definitely suited for the brave hearted. A huge part of being able to survive and actually “enjoy” the journey of building our passion pays homage to the “NR” or New Rich as Tim Ferris defines. The new rich takes pleasure in the now, in experiencing life while working. As a mother of 3 and a very family oriented person, efficient escapism is my solution for wanderlust. An hour wave-watching in the morning every day is a possibility for someone like me. Living on Guam makes this escape even more feasible because you’re never more than 15 minutes away from a beautiful beach, reef, or mountain view. Making every day an opportunity to indulge in Efficient Escapism. You might argue that many other places in the world share the same characteristic and while that may be true there are some interesting sights to see on Guam. For instance, Jessica Peterson, author of  The Guam Guide and Global Girl Travels wrote an excellent post about the 10 Things You Can Only Do On Guam  , read the full post on her blog (which you should)  amongst the list include:

Peting a coconut crab 🙂 which Ezekiel my son has done recently &

and of course Climbing the tallest mountain in the world … which is just cool tidbit I thought I’d mention.

Simplicity Personified Reason #2 For Living and Working Remotely on Guam

One of my favorite pieces of literature ever published was a single line written by Henry David Thoreau which reads like this,

Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify.

The reality is the quote is much longer than a single line but hey we’ve all got to live by some creed right mine ; simplify.  I often get curious questions about what Guam is ‘like’. The best way to describe it is a cross between island life when you want it and city life when you need it. While Guam boasts a plethora of modern conveniences like grocery stores, malls, steak houses, fast food joints, postal services, plumbing, electricity, and of course the internet (there’s even an IHOP here). The great thing about living and working remotely on Guam is that while you have all the resources you need to run a startup or manage content marketing remotely, you can also very easily disconnect and enjoy the simple life.

Creative Playground Reason #3 For Living and Working Remotely on Guam

Those who know me also know I pay a great deal of attention to self-care. Entrepreneurs and our well-being is a project I’m considering taking on when I’ve successfully made the time to do so. I do believe creativity requires a bit of good health. I use to believe in the hustle or die mentality. Except for the fact that I have no longing to dig my own grave that would be a good an okay motto to live by. However, because I enjoy life I prefer the work smarter mentality. A big part of working smarter is immersing myself in an environment that fosters creativity. I’m  blessed to live in Guam because it truly is a creative playground. Aside from the fact that we have endless aquatic options (beaches, waterfalls, bays, ponds, underground pools, etc.) Guam also boasts a variety of zen escapes from mountain tops to trendy cafes. As an added bonus Guam also has a unique blend of cultures ranging from the island’s local culture to American, Asian, Pacific, European, and Latin influences. This plethora of cultures breeds creativity and innovation in almost every aspect of life from food, entertainment, and arts.

U.S. Benefits Reason #4 For Living and Working Remotely on Guam

Earlier I mentioned a HuffPost article that mentions Guam as today’s exotic American destination. Remote workers living or traveling to and from Guam have the added benefit of Guam’s relationship with the United States. If you’re a U.S. Citizen traveling to and working from Guam is will be a cinch. There are also added benefits for entrepreneurs and agencies outside the U.S. who are seeking business-related benefits often found in the continental U.S.

That’s all for now. Be sure to come back and learn more about Tech Island Startups and the people driving change in emerging tech economies. Do you live in a remote worker’s paradise? Share you story with me!

About The Author Andrea Naomi I’m fascinated by Startups so I’m helping build one. This blog is a composition of the thoughts and things I find interesting and useful. It’s also a brain dump and a book shelf.
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