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Startups power of community

These Startups Understand Community

Approximately a year ago myself and many of my colleagues were introduced to an ingenious platform called Blab, considered dead for just over a month now (death announcement here), but still alive in the hearts of many. Now I wouldn’t dream of beating a dead horse although the Blab sticker still proudly covers the Apple logo on my iMac this post is NOT about Blab. It’s about community.

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Wordpress Startups

5 reasons WordPress is the smart option for your #Startup

Most people don’t fully understand the value of a WordPress website. I’ve always been a fan of the BIG WP <- I know that’s a little corny but it’s the truth. So I’ve decided to spend the next 7 days blogging about the power of you guessed it “blogging” and how it can help you build your Startup.

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living in guam

4 Reasons living on Guam is a remote paradise

As many of you are well aware I’m a startup enthusiast living on Guam. What some of you may not know is that I also work remotely with tech companies. Living on an island and being able to work from home has been an incredible experience. I recently came across an article via Huff Post entitled 11 Reasons Guam is the Most Exotic Destination in America . Definitely, a fantastic read if you’re planning an upcoming wanderlust adventure. Kudos to Chloe Fox for a fantastic write-up. In this post, instead of sharing about the exotic paradise that is my native land, I wanted to share the benefits of being able to work remotely and play consistently while living in Guam.  I hope you enjoy it! [click to continue…]

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