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Green Banana Paper Kosrae

As I’m sure most Guam residents are aware FestPac is well under way. It’s has been a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and experience different cultures through art, music, food, and even good old fashion enterprise. [click to continue…]

2016 Startup Boom

#Startup life for the rest of us must read

I remember vaguely sitting in a taco bar in San Francisco the couple next to us spoke nonchalantly about a dev escapade with Pandora. The woman giggling clearly enthralled by his storyline and decisively humble conversational attitude. All the while I’m unkindly ease dropping, [click to continue…]

Twitter Tools for Startup Growth

3 Strategy Driven #Twitter Tools for #Startup Growth

Does your startup need Twitter?

In comparison to the Goliaths of social media like Facebook and YouTube — Twitter is often undervalued and mystifying to startups and business owners alike.

What the heck can 140 Characters really do for your startup or business?

Twitter’s unassuming demeanor makes it my number one pick for growth on Social Media. But why did I choose this Social Media Underdog for rapid growth? Twitter Tools

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