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2 Startup Growth Opportunities in 2016

Every startup should be concerned with growth opportunities, in a fast paced environment (e.g. the internet) the interesting consideration for growth is not necessarily lightening-speed but consistency. In my marketing growth guide I outline the important aspects of creating a solid longterm growth plan. A growth plan helps you set reasonable goals or at the very least outline hoe you intend to achieve “sales force-ish” achievements in record time. I’m type A so I plan a bunch. While the planning process can be a bit cumbersome it does provide a necessary advantage. The advantage being, marketing unagi, which defines marketing in a state of total awareness. An essential ingredient to this form of unagi is observation. More on Startup Growth Opps

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How To Help Your Kids Startup On Mother’s Day

As a consultant I’ve heard many business owners say constantly,

We need more programs that teach our children entrepreneurship

As a parentpreneur not only do I agree but I believe it’s our duty to teach the values of entrepreneurship to our children. Many years ago I wrote about the Good leader club. Startup For Kids

Guam Game Developer – Peter M. Gervacio Jr.

Hello Tech Island Startup,

My name is Peter M. Gervacio Jr., I have a BS in Computer Science, and have been building a game on Guam from scratch for the last year now. Why? Guam is small, and the resources we have out here for Computer Science are very limited, but I don’t feel it has to be. I started researching how to create games that could be placed among classic games like Titan Soul, Legend of Zelda, etc., and not another Angry Birds or Temple Runner clone (Not that their is anything wrong with these games, but these are not the type of games I grew up with). We are living in a post indie gaming world, where two people can create a game and sell a 10,000 copies at $14.99 in a day.

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