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2 Startup Growth Opportunities in 2016

Every startup should be concerned with growth opportunities, in a fast paced environment (e.g. the internet) the interesting consideration for growth is not necessarily lightening-speed but consistency. In my marketing growth guide I outline the important aspects of creating a solid longterm growth plan. A growth plan helps you set reasonable goals or at the very least outline hoe you intend to achieve “sales force-ish” achievements in record time. I’m type A so I plan a bunch. While the planning process can be a bit cumbersome it does provide a necessary advantage. The advantage being, marketing unagi, which defines marketing in a state of total awareness. An essential ingredient to this form of unagi is observation.

A startup who chooses to devote time to observation in 2016 will uncover untapped growth opportunities and compete in less crowded spaces.

Startup Growth Opportunity via WordPress Rest API

I realize that not every entrepreneur is in love with WordPress although I’m not entirely sure why (mind-baffling). To that same token, I also realize the not every startup is a tech startup. However, WordPress is consistently one of the largest open source dev communities on the internet. The simple assumption which usually holds true is

Where techs go the tech grows…

Yup, not rocket science in the slightest. With a huge community of developers, sales integrations, and content management features WordPress is essentially the behemoth of content monetization. Some may even argue that it should be awarded as the single platform that democratized blogging. All arguments aside the introduction of WordPress’ Rest API now brings new possibilities to the world of programming and content management integrations. If you’re a non-techie the new Rest API is essentially both the bridge and highway for programming.  But I know right now you’re probably saying,

That sounds cool but what does it mean in real life and more importantly what does it mean for you?

So here’s a great real life example of how it will impact you. We all know startups especially the large percentage who are on the road to funding need real feasible DIY methods for growth and development. Well, imagine a framework that extended its already very public source code by essentially giving developers the keys to its house. Well, WordPress has just done that. What’s brilliant about this power move is now Developers can create almost anything imaginable and package it in basically the friendliest UI that ever existed on this planet. The result of this API means you will eventually see more and more innovation inside WordPress. Likely making your job as a startup a lot easier and if you’re a tech startup well “golly gee” the opportunities are endless.

 Recently, Worona.org released version 1.0


For those unfamiliar with Worona it’s basically an open source plugin the combines the power of WordPress, Corona SDK, and a bunch of tech geekery to help you create apps with the sheer power of WordPress and of course a nicely packaged Worona plugin. It’s still in its early stages but the fact that it’s out there means gears are in motion and you can start using it now. Such an interesting concept. More importantly, I took the opportunity to ask them

Hey, by the way are you using Wordpress’ API?

The obvious answer is YES however we should make zero assumptions when reporting the goods news to the world. Here is Worona’s response,

Worona WP API

My suspicions usually prove true. But this time it’s for something particularly awesome 🙂 Now let me explain why this is such a cool piece of WP Geekdom. This site is built on WordPress. It’s also built using Thesis and the classic responsive theme. Now the design itself is not a glorious piece of art. The point of it’s design was to be as light and mobile friendly as possible. ‘Tis what it ’tis. Now, I’ve had a little experience hacking website design it wasn’t too difficult but it still required a little consideration and a little bit of time.  What Worona is working towards achieving in greater proportion is the democratization of the app, to create true mobility using WordPress for everyone.

It’s not just responsive it’s an Open Source WordPress-based app creator, mic drop…

This is the type of innovation you can expect with WP’s API. Which is why I truly believe it’s an opportunity for growth in 2016.

2016 Startup Growth Opportunity in Bots

Let me be clear, I’m not a programmer I’m a marketer. I can build websites and I know a little sumthin summin but that’s just because I’m an IT Drop out and I really enjoy creating pretty things on the internet — I like making the interface pretty. Just because I don’t call myself a programmer doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t understand it. Unagi requires me to understand the language. And so… when I see messenger bots creeping into Facebook Messenger my immediate thought is:

“WTF, I don’t want another bot run network? We have enough of that crap. Excuse my french but that was necessary, because I know you’re all thinking it too.

But as marketers and startups we need to be in a constant state of discovery. A closed mind equals missed opportunities. And thus began the exploration of why  the creation of bots has resurfaced.  In a previous cyber security episode our featured expert “Lazlo” commented on machine learning and how our history and usage helps with the learning process.

This is me singing: “At first I was afraid, I was petrified” Salenas 🙂

But then I got it, its not just about creating bots it more about creating smart bots. Bots that through the power of learning or AI can basically become your startup’s Watson.

Question: How do we run a dynamic startup with a 3 person team?

Answer: Ummmm…We botify them! Ding, ding, ding….Hello Watson…

Now, I’m not gonna lie the whole AI perspective was not the first thing that caught my attention. Facebook messenger bots and the potential of making buying “look pretty” in messenger through canvas payments was attractive to me. So I took my behind down the rabbit hole and 48 hours later emerged with messy hair thinking holy cow this is pretty cool. A Watson for every startup, now that’s game-changing (hype intended).

Do you want to go down the Bot Rabbit Hole too? Here are a few places you should start.

Under normal circumstance I would just stop there but here are a few more you might want to look at

Even if you have no intention to build a bot the bot engine will help you see the possibilities that currently exist for your business. Imagine having a bot that can anticipate and learn your customers’ needs this is a powerful resource for any startup or entrepreneur.

To recap we addressed 2 opportunities for startup growth in 2016

  • WP Rest API
  • Messenger Bots and bots in general

The barrier to entry is relatively low considering that the process of using these pieces of technology are mildly challenging. This leads to a limited competitive pool with unrestricted creative advantages. Are you currently using WP’s API or Messenger bots in your marketing stack? Share your insights with the community by leaving a comment below.

About The Author Andrea Naomi I’m fascinated by Startups so I’m helping build one. This blog is a composition of the thoughts and things I find interesting and useful. It’s also a brain dump and a book shelf.
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