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Twitter Tools for Startup Growth

3 Strategy Driven #Twitter Tools for #Startup Growth

Does your startup need Twitter?

In comparison to the Goliaths of social media like Facebook and YouTube — Twitter is often undervalued and mystifying to startups and business owners alike.

What the heck can 140 Characters really do for your startup or business?

Twitter’s unassuming demeanor makes it my number one pick for growth on Social Media. But why did I choose this Social Media Underdog for rapid growth?

I have good reason otherwise I wouldn’t bother writing this post. So here’s the rub in a very quick /li form ūüėČ

  • Twitter is fastly becoming the Fabric (pun intended) for popular mobile apps (e.g. Periscope) with the rapid growth of apps and mobile device usage many users will begin to pay even more attention to Twitter as a viable means for discovering and engaging online.
  • Despite it’s limited characters the pool of ¬†media influencers and big brands depend largely on Twitter’s feeds for multiple reasons (support, live-event tracking & engagement, content organization/hashtags, livechats, trending news, etc.) Sometimes a 140 characters is all you need
  • Social media optimization both on Twitter and in search. Tweets get indexed, imagine that…
  • Mature API
    • heightened smart automation potential
    • long-standing development community
  • Extensive opportunities for reasonable discovery cost – it’s open
  • Unobtrusive ad platform

Ok, so that wasn’t as quick as I intented but at least it was informative. The point is Twitter is and will continue to be a force to be reckoned with on the internet. One of the major problems many entrepreneurs face when considering how to integrate Twitter into their stack is the fundamental process of

How the heck does one actually use Twitter?

The good news is in the past 10 years from a use case perspective Twitter has proven to be the most stable social media environment. That’s not to say it hasn’t been innovative but instead we should focus on how this network has managed to stay so consistent despite it’s fast paced vertical. There’s something special about quick fast news that’s easy to find. After clearly highlighting my bias I will say this…

Twitter hasn’t always been so fun and easy to use. And as a matter of fact it can prove to be a little bit of a conundrum. Truthfully, I’ve only become a big Twitter fan in the past year or so. Mildly concerned years back I purchased Tweetadder and fell into the overly used Hootsuite trap. Which probably didn’t bode too well for the cult of Twitter. The network which for all intents and purposes seemed to be ruined by us marketers and our unintelligent robot responses is now getting a little more personal and alot smarter.

With the advent of different features and platforms like feature rich media, livestreaming, and a deeper attention to account ratios, as well as cracking down of those spammy bots (as much as humanly possible) I now feel more connected to the brevity which was once my Twitter experience.

After realizing this underdog’s power I began to look deeper into how to implement strategy that makes sense and ultimately adds value to my stack. Realizing that every startup’s strategy will be different instead of sharing how it will work I want to share universal tools that are absolutely imperative to crafting an effective Twitter strategy. So now that I’ve spent a few minutes indoctrinating you into the Twitter fan club, here are the tools that will help your startup drive growth…

@Ritetag the Social Media Enhancement AI


Ritetag co-founded by Saul Fleischman is a social media enhancement AI tool. Upon hosting one of my first Blab shows Saul openly gave me a little insight into how to best use headlines and copy to receive the most traction on Twitter for a desired topic. As indicated in other posts Marketing Unagi requires us to look beyond the face value of your marketing. With this concept in mind our headlines alone DO NOT add unique value to the way we market. Instead composing a headline that considers all factors listed below will likely foster a greater response.

  • Your audience
  • The phrases your audience will be most responsive to
  • The hashtags most frequented by your avatar
  • The hashtags most likely to add viral impact to your tweets
  • Hashtags most likely to prompt organic discovery
  • The number of words that will be visible on the platform

As always I’m grateful for the amazing people I meet who take the time to share their knowledge for the benefit of others. Our duty as humans is to extend the impact of one’s kindness to serve others. Thanks to Saul ¬†and his team you can now have this same type of intelligence in your Twitter marketing campaigns with Ritetag’s Social Media AI.

Ritetag integrates a slew of features including:

  • Social Media Enhancement
    • Autohashtags
    • Improving sharing visualization through imagery
    • Branded CTA share links
    • Deep learning analytics
  • Integration for optimized workflow
  • Social Media Automation
  • Extensions for easy sharing

After using and exploring Ritetag I can say with confidence that if you’re serious about growing your Startup with Twitter Ritetag is an essential tool. Aside from optimizing your workflow through integrations and extensions Ritetag boasts a highly intelligent use of Twitter analytics. As a startup or entrepreneur your time is your most valued currency. Every minute must be spent performing tasks that add value to your business. With Ritetag you now have the tool to create a smart Twitter growth strategy. More importantly, the interface itself is intutive and simple especially when considering the depth of it’s analytical power. Afterall, an incredible machine offers no value if we can’t actually use it. ¬†In the world of analytics it’s honestly one of the easiest platforms to use. See for yourself in this video below¬†

In summary, Ritetag helps you choose the Right Tag (plus so much more) for your startup on Twitter. It is the ultimate marketing unagi for serious players and the sweet spot for growth on Twitter.

Ritetag Social Media AI

Not an affiliate link a love link ūüôā

@Triberr The Quality Aggregator

If I had to personify the value of automation I would say it’s like breathing. As a startup automation is ideal. As a tech startup it’s a given. But let me share a really quick story with you before I go any further. In my younger years I learned Aikido as a form of self-defense. My sensei, a master who has since passed told us when we first met that none of us really knew how to breathe. At 16 years old I couldn’t imagine how I managed to live that long and still not master the art of breathing. Absurd I thought but much to my surprise I really didn’t know how to breathe at least in a way that benefited my body the most.

I’m sharing this story with you because the art of breathing much like the art of automation emphasizes control. Successful automation does not simply churn data through a machine. Instead, it optimizes data to find it’s best possible use. Then creates an environment that humanizes the automation through control mechanisms. ¬†One of the biggest challenges many startups face when dealing automation is the absence of control. When using Twitter I believe many people consider it to be a catchall of things they randomly find on the internet. But a catchall in essence is less valuable but it lacks control, organization, and overall usefulness.¬†Catchalls¬†add no feeling of consistency in either subject, quality, or consistency.

Smart Twitter users care about what they share. Twitter is not a dump it’s a social media asset.

Consider the share economy, In an ideal “share economy” the process of curating is a trusted pursuit. To earn money or grow in a share economy caliber and consistency matter.

Why would you want to share anyone else’s content in the first place?

Sharing content not created by you but instead curated by you is a smart move. It creates an sustainable medium for scalability. Operating on much of the same concepts as a platform startup. It’s a strategy that helps you aggregate user generated content also enabling you to devote more time to your core activities. More importantly, it’s just good frickin’ Karma man – share great stuff, make great friends, do great things together. It’s the power of a tribe.

How do we express care about the content we share but still automate it?

Simple, is you’re smart first you optimize your hashtags using RiteTag’s database of over 20,000,000 hashtags (that’s free btw). Then you build or join a tribe of bloggers on Triberr (free again btw). Triberr makes it possible to handpick the content you’re sharing with others on Twitter without occupying too much of your time. The process is simple.

  • Join Triberr
  • Connect your Twitter account
  • Find Bloggers or Agencies who create good content based on your niche
  • Follow them or join their automatic Tribes
  • Build relationships with these bloggers overtime
  • BAM that’s it…

One of the great things about Triberr is its synergistic nature. You’re not just sharing OPC (other people’s content) you’re also building alliances and relationships that encourage¬†others to share your content as well. Triberr truly is a win-win on every level.

Triberr Twitter for Startups

Again not an aff link a love link ūüôā

@Twubs Hashtag Registering & Live Event Tools

Twubs is a Twitter fundamental. With twubs you can register Hashtags, track it’s use overtime, follow live conversations, host or follow Twitter chats, create a live repository for your hashtag’s content, and much more. I won’t focus too much on Twubs because I do believe it’s a website you have to experience to understand. Just visit Twubs.com However, I will say if you’re¬†building a startup brand and culture using Twubs will boost your brand’s value on Twitter by giving you access to a community of engagers and helping you showcase your startup’s hashtags in a consciously effective way.

Final Thoughts on Startup Tools for Twitter

First, I want to point out that both Ritetag and Triberr are not used solely for Twitter. These tools are multi-dimensional, they add value on many different social media platforms. Second, every entity has a unique marketing environment and will ultimately craft a unique solution. But great marketing tools are universal because they transcend markets and can be used effectively for most conceivable situations.

What are your essential Twitter tools? Share in the comments below.

About The Author Andrea Naomi I’m fascinated by Startups so I’m helping build one. This blog is a composition of the thoughts and things I find interesting and useful. It’s also a brain dump and a book shelf.
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